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“Michael delivers a highly personalized experience that is tailored for any level tap dancer and makes me forget we’re not together in person.” ~ Tim Nagle

"My wife and I look forward to our tap classes with Michael Blevins all week. His class is great for beginners and for the seasoned tapper. I have taken classes with Michael since I was 9 and I don’t feel like I’m missing a beat with online classes. His class is both professional and entertaining." ~ Alex Maxwell

"Michael Blevins provides a wealth of experience, encouragement, patience, and really cares about every student. He teaches exceptional tap technique and helps to build the students confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level because he will tailor the lessons as needed for each student. My daughter, Ella, really looks forward to the private online one-on-one lessons twice a week with Michael. Her tap technique has improved tremendously."    ~ Toni-Lynn Villani

“It was fun and it was good working one-on-one with Blev so that you could really get better on what you personally want to work on.” ~ Gracie Nagle

"He is a great tap teacher because he always knows what you need to improve to become better at tap and he always pushes you to better." ~ Xander Zimmerman

"The online tap classes have really helped me. I’ve definitely improved and they have been really fun. I’m enjoying them a lot and highly recommended them! ~ Ella Villani

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WARNING: Blevins can not be held responsible for personal injury inflicted during your participation in his online lessons. The potential of injour exists in any physical activity please consider this possibility before enrolling or participating in online lessons.